Neha Mehta GVSD

Dr. Neha N. Mehta has been a Chester County resident for the past 20 years, and is a pediatrician, cultural teacher and leader, youth group director, and mother of 3 children in the Great Valley schools. As a pediatrician, she has an understanding of the developmental health and needs of school aged children. As a Youth Group founder, director, and mentor, she has her finger on the pulse of student and school issues affecting her members. And with 3 children coming through the Great Valley schools, she is committed to making sure the excellent standards of our district are maintained while adequately accommodating our growing Great Valley family. 

Neha spearheaded the development of the new 5/6 building and relied heavily on her medical background as the board navigated the challenges of educating our youth through the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a qualified and invested representative of the diverse community landscape.